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After-sales Services


Frequent golf cart maintenance is the key to keep your golf car in optimum running condition. We recommend having your golf car professionally serviced periodically.

Our Annual Preventative Service includes:

Tire inspection and inflation to manufacturer’s specifications

Pull, clean and adjust brakes

Load test batteries, apply battery terminal protector spray, tighten cables, fill batteries with distilled water to proper level

Test charging system

Pressure wash entire car

Front and rear bushings inspection

Check all shock absorbers

Inspection of electrical connections

Road test

We also offer regularly-scheduled service check-ups on site for many neighborhoods and commercial properties. Call us on +97143219530 to schedule your golf car service today!

We offer services to improve your golf car’s performance, such as high speed motors, road-worthy tires, and quality batteries. Our trained, expert technicians diagnose, repair and service Garia and Club Car golf carts, both gas and electric.

Many services can be provided at location and major repairs are more appropriately performed in our service workshop. We offer free pick up and delivery for golf cart service and sales based on location



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