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Garia Golf Carts

Garia designs and builds carts for the pro golfer. Garia uses innovation, research, and passion for design to reimagine the traditional Golf Cart. With Luxury Carts Group, you get the world’s most exclusive golf carts by Garia just the way you want them.

Luxury Carts has been a leading and trusted provider of luxury golf carts in the UAE and KSA. We aim to bring our clients only the best in the industry. With Garia Golf Cart, we deliver the highest quality automotive material and the most revolutionary design. Get a cart that performs better than it looks. Choose from a range of high-performance Garia luxury golf carts and utility vehicles.

Custom build a Garia golf cart of your dream with Luxury carts. We help you deliver luxury and comfort to your clients.

Garia brings to markets the best electric utility vehicle. Built like a compact utility truck, the electric Garia combines reliability, ergonomics, and zero-emission with comfort and innovative design. Whether you want a vehicle for the public sector, facility management, or leisure use, we have a Garia that's perfect for you.


Choose from over 100 different Garia electric utility task vehicle solutions.


All our Garia luxury Golf Carts and Utility Vehicles offer a paradigm shift in the industry. Garia offers a sporty and dynamic look that challenges the conventional Golf Cart. Enjoy the unique combination of a leisure car with all the functionality of a golf cart or a utility vehicle.

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Garia Utility Vehicle
Garia Utility Truck
Garia Utility Van

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