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Abubakr O. Balubaid is the founder and owner of Luxury Carts Group. He graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey where he studied Finance.

He moved back to Saudi Arabia to work within the Balubaid Group of which he is a co-owner before starting his own business venture driven through his passion for electric vehicles.

In 2008 he established Luxury Carts Establishment in Saudi Arabia.

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Nathan Williamson - Group Executive Director, is responsible for the management and growth of all entities.

Nathan began his career in the industry working for a distributor in the UK before becoming International Business Development Manager for a US manufacturer.

He then went on to become International Sales Director for an Asian manufacturer before taking a leadership role representing Luxury Carts Group, it is sister companies & Joint ventures.

Abubkr O. Balubaid

Owner & Co Founder

"Luxury Carts Group was founded in 2008 in Saudi Arabia. In 2015 we opened our branch in the United Arab Emirates. Luxury Carts were the first company to bring eco-friendly carts to the region. We specialize in reliable, sustainable and durable turf care machines equipment and practices. Our aim is to partner with and promote premium brands and companies to develop a solid customer base with regional growth potential.  We have solid foundations for a successful future. Our commitment is to provide our customers with transport, mobility solutions and landscape services that exceed their expectations."

Nathan Williamson

Chief Executive Officer

“Our aim as a Group is to create an end-to-end solution for our customers from the construction of sporting venues, supply of machinery & vehicles, landscape maintenance and providing sport education.

Through our expertise we represent premium international manufacturers and providers to offer the best possible products & services to all of our business units complete with the best possible support. We drive this by recruiting superior talent to lead our sectors.”



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