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To register, you need to enter the following details:

Please choose the type of buggy you would like to book (Each Hospitality Suite owner has the privilege to reserve only one buggy for the duration of the show):

Choice of cart:

There is a minimum of three (3) days needed for your booking to be accepted. Please select all the days you need below:

First Day
Second Day
Third Day
Fourth Day (optional)
Fifth Day (optional)


  • All passengers, drivers, and vehicles are covered with a third-party liability coverage.  Luxury Carts shall not be held responsible for any lost or stolen items during the operation of the golf cart.

  • Daily Rental Prices (SAR - Saudi Arabian Riyals)

Reservations received before January 1st:

•        4-Seater: 1,500 SAR

•        6-Seater: 1,700 SAR

•        8-Seater: 1,900 SAR

Reservations received between January 1st and January 15th:

•        4-Seater: 2,100 SAR

•        6-Seater: 2,400 SAR

•        8-Seater: 2,800 SAR

Reservations received after January 15th will be subject to Luxury Cart's discretion.​

  • Price is daily, and it includes driver with 10 hours shift. Cleaning of buggies, and training for drivers.

  • Cancellation Policy

Free cancellation is allowed until January 5th.

One-day rental charges apply for cancellations made between January 5th and January 15th.

No cancellations are permitted after January 15th.

Thanks for registering. You will hear from us soon!



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