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Welcome to the World Defense Show 2024 Golf Cart Reservation System exclusively for Hospitality Suite Owners


"By electing to rent a golf cart accompanied by a designated driver, you hereby acknowledge

and accept the ensuing terms and conditions:"

Terms and Conditions

1.     The vehicle is exclusively operated by your designated driver.

2.     The vehicle must remain within the confines of the World Defence Show; it is prohibited to take it outside this area.

3.     Driver must follow designated routes for golf carts.

4.     If any mechanical issue occurs, your golf cart will be replaced immediately.

5.     Luxury Carts shall not be held responsible for any lost or stolen items during the operation of the golf cart.

6.     Any accidents or damages that occur while operating the golf cart are the responsibility of Luxury Carts.

Daily Rental Prices (SAR - Saudi Arabian Riyals)

Reservations received before January 1st:

•        4-Seater: 1,500 SAR

•        6-Seater: 1,700 SAR

•        8-Seater: 1,900 SAR

Reservations received between January 1st and January 15th:

•        4-Seater: 2,100 SAR

•        6-Seater: 2,400 SAR

•        8-Seater: 2,800 SAR

Reservations received after January 15th will be subject to Luxury Cart's discretion.


Cancellation Policy

•        Free cancellation is allowed until January 5th.

•        One-day rental charges apply for cancellations made between January 5th and January 15th.

•        No cancellations are permitted after January 15th.



Any disputes should be reported to us at:

•        Email:

•        Landline: +966 92 002 2848


Non-compliance with the above terms and conditions will result in the immediate termination of the rental, and no refunds will be issued.

All prices are daily, inclusive of tax, and include a driver for a 10-hour shift.

Are you Hospitality Suite owner for WDS 2024?



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