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About us

Founded in 2008 in Saudi Arabia, Luxury Carts Group was the first Golf Cart distributor to bring eco-friendly carts to the region. We opened our branch in the UAE in 2015 and are currently operating 12 branches in the GCC. The aim was simple- provide reliable, sustainable, and durable turf care machines, equipment, and practices across the region.

Over the years, we have partnered with and promoted premium brands and companies to develop a solid customer base with regional growth potential. Today, Luxury Carts Group is a premium Golf Cart distributor in the UAE and KSA. We have built solid foundations for a successful future.


As a group, we provide end-to-end solutions for our customers from the construction of sporting venues, supply of machinery & vehicles, maintenance, and providing sports education. Our commitment is to provide our customers with transport, mobility solutions, and landscape services that exceed their expectations.

Luxury Carts has built a reputation for delivering reliable, secure, and premium Golf Carts and Machinery in the UAE & KSA. It enables us to represent premium international manufacturers and offer the best possible products and services to clients in the region. We uphold these industry standards by recruiting superior talent to lead our sectors.

Luxury Carts belongs to an Investment Group with the following entities:

Luxury Carts Group

Oasis Hills Landscape Maintenance Services

Oasis Community Sports Services

Tanaqol Mobility Services

TASCO ‘Technical Agricultural Solutions Company’

Luxury Watch House




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